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What are Router, Types, and Comparison – Beginners Guide USA 2022

Routers may look complicated, but they are actually very simple. This is a quick beginner’s guide for routers, router types, and how they differ from other network devices.

Internet access is crucial for a large portion of people in the present. But there isn’t enough of the majority of users to have fast broadband or a powerful modem. If you’re trying to make the most of your internet connection, you need a router.

A router is a very important networking device. It is a key element for modern-day business networks. It provides an access point for the Internet as well as other networks.

Routers allow for flexible cross-network communication and permit large networks to continue to operate in the event of upgrades or outages. When paired with other devices, they also serve important functions on networks, such as modems, firewalls, and switches, to create flexible all-in-one network solutions.

A router functions as an intermediary to connect two or more networks. Router ensures that information is directed to the right destination like an email is sent to the proper Internet service and the correct recipient.

The router also stops data from being sent to places it is not allowed, for example, a huge file being distributed to all computers within a network and affecting the network’s performance.

What is a Router?

What is a Router

It is an electronic device used to communicate with the internet and your home devices connected to the web. As the name suggests, the router “routes” the flow of data between gadgets and the internet.

With the proper router for your home, you might be able to get better internet speeds, as well as keep your family safe from cyber-attacks and stay clear of those irritating Wi-Fi dead spots.

You don’t need to be an expert in computers to understand the benefits a router can provide.

Types of Router

There are usually five types of routers. They are discussed below:

1. Wireless

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The wireless routers are found in homes, offices, or at the railway station. It generates a wireless signal.

When you’re at the office, we could access the Internet with wireless signals since your laptop is in the distance. We can secure routers by entering User IDs and passwords.

When we attempt connecting to the router, it will request an account username and password. Password and User ID come in the router.

Because of security measures, no information regarding the user’s identity is compromised. If we go to public areas where Wi-Fi is available, we can see that a Wi-Fi screen will open to access the Internet via our mobile.

You can also see that it’s secured with the use of a password. Wireless routers are available to everyone. Many users can join it.

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2. Wired Router

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The name alone characterizes the importance. The wire can be utilized to join the Internet. If we go to an institution of higher education, a small bank, or an office, we could notice that a PC or laptop is connected to the Internet via the Ethernet cable, a wired router.

It also has a Wi-Fi access point. If users wish to connect to their phone, they may use VIOP (voice-over IP technology). There’s an ADSL (modem) that has two jacks that connect to Ethernet and cell phones.

3. Edge Router

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It sits at the edge of the organization’s spine and connects to focal switches. It is wired or wireless and transmits internet data between two or more networks. However, it cannot send internet data packets across networks.

4. Core Router

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This core router is designed to work as part of the internet backbone or the core. It is compatible with multiple communication interfaces with the fastest performance and uses within the Internet’s core.

It can forward IP packets with the full speed for every single one of them. It can support the routing protocol utilized within the main. It distributes internet data packets across the network. However, the core won’t transmit internet data packets among networks. 

5. Virtual Router

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This is the standard router for computer sharing networks. It works according to the protocol known as the virtual router redundancy (VRRP), which is activated when the main and primary router is damaged or ceases to function.

It can take multiple routers within groups so that they use a shared virtual IP. There is a master for each group that manages IP packets. If the master is not able to continue sending packets, other routers will assume an action.

What is the difference between a Router and a Switch? 

What is the Difference Between a Router and a Switch

The computers can connect using switches or routers. So what’s the difference between these two? The most fundamental reason is that a switch is made to connect computers while the router connects to several networks.

In the case of a home network, one router is often needed to connect gadgets to the Internet. Each device within the home, including tablets, computers, and smartphones, can join the router through wireless or wired connections.

The name suggests that the router connects every device connected to either a wire or DSL modem.

Switches are typically utilized in large networks, for instance, in schools and businesses.

They connect a variety of computers within one local area network, also known as a LAN.

A huge network might comprise several switches that connect various groups of computers. The switches are typically connected to a router which permits connected devices to connect to the Internet.

Although switches and routers are distinct, they can be utilized in conjunction. A router, for instance, usually has multiple ports for LAN; while a switch has a single port for WAN.

These LAN ports are intended for connecting computers through Ethernet. Its WAN port is intended for connection to the modem. Although switches don’t include WAN ports, users can connect to any of the standard LAN ports to connect to the modem.

You may need to use a cross-over Ethernet cable for the connection to function properly.

Although it is possible to use a switch to act as a router, it is important to note that switches generally don’t have similar configuration choices.

Switches were once quicker than routers, but modern routers have the same speed. So, when selecting a central device to manage your home network, using a router is the best choice.

What is the difference between a Router and a Gateway?

What is the difference between a Router and a Gateway

The only access point for the gateway that is not part of that network constitutes the major distinction between a router and a gateway.

The gateway’s function is either as a server, with the gateway software installed, or as a linkage mechanism between other computer networks.

Both networks must be connected via a gateway that allows both networks to connect to serve as an exit and entry point if any network from N wishes to join through the network. Gateways are the doors to the network, which determine the boundaries of the network and its edges.

In contrast, routers establish the minimum distance that can be traveled from the computer M to N, resulting from data packets.

Routers need to be kept from being flooded with huge data and high traffic. It is crucial to ensure that congestion across the routes can be reduced reasonably, which is why a variety of routing tables need to be developed to help map the network’s data journey.

The gateway is crucial as it serves as the gateway to networks; they must be protected from attacks by viruses. The information transmitted through the gateway can be easily accessible. If a particular router is overwhelmed or granted, the specific router could be blocked by the user.

To transfer the data on the network, a different router decides the most efficient method. But, if users remove this gateway, it will lead to a total loss in network performance.

The routers are built to show IP addresses from the table of routing that allows for the transfer of the router’s information. When the gateway is configured to specify the recommended external and internal IP address, the gateway is equipped with two ports to switch between gateways and routers for internal and external IP addresses.

Router VS Modem

Modem vs Router

The two devices are identical, with a flashing light on the front and some cables out of the back. How can you tell them from one another?

Most routers also come with antennas to connect wirelessly. However, a standalone modem will never come with antennas.

A modem also has fewer cable connections, one for an ISP connection and another for your router or computer. However, it is common for routers only to have one port connecting to a modem and four or more ports for devices within your home.

To connect to the Internet, all you require is an internet connection – technically speaking, at least. Only one device can connect to a modem. However, when you plug the router into a modem, many devices can be connected to the modem.

Be sure to take note of the additional security features that the router offers also. A standalone modem doesn’t transmit your Internet connectivity wirelessly. You’ll need the router connecting wirelessly.


  • Are a router and wifi the same?

“Wifi” refers to “wireless fidelity”, which means that the device can be used with technology. Wifi routers fulfill the same functions as a regular router but wirelessly. They transmit data packets with networks and also connect various networks, and also act as gateways.

  • How much do routers cost?

The latest 802.11ac routers typically cost lower than 100 dollars for the basic dual-band models. Higher-end models cost from $100 to $300. However, they provide wide coverage and higher speeds, while gaming routers with built-in optimization capabilities are often sold at higher prices.

  • Can the latest router improve speed on slow wifi?

Sometimes, yes. If you’ve got a new tablet, but the router isn’t compatible with the most recent wifi technology, for instance, the tablet will be stuck with older wifi technology. Upgrades to your router can let your device benefit from the latest technology that is faster.


Most routers connect to other network devices using network cables and do not require drivers to function within Windows and other operating systems. However, routers that connect to computers using USB or FireWire generally require drivers to work properly.

Routers are often the DHCP servers for small networks and issue distinct IP addresses. Most routers are made through 3Com, Linksys, Belkin, Motorola, TRENDnet, D-Link, and Cisco; however, many other brands exist.


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