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Watches Buying Guide 

There are days when you walk into a shop and instantly buy something that you notice while others take days to decide before buying something.

Good quality clothing and accessories at cheap prices seem like an attractive option most of the time. But sometimes, people feel like stepping out of the usual cycle and investing in something new.

Whether it is a well-fitted suit, a cocktail dress, or a branded T-shirt, shopping for a timeless piece can be exciting.

Watch as an accessory is very important for a complete look. For women, it acts as an extra accessory that blends well with the other pieces of jewelry.

On the other hand, for men, a good watch will act as a statement piece. But do you know what to look for while buying a watch? No? If you are new to the world of watches, here is something that can help you.

We have provided you with a detailed Watches Buying Guide. This guide is very informative and will help you to make an informed decision.

It will help you to invest in an accessory that reflects your personality. Continue reading this watches buying guide to find out more about buying a watch.

Watches Buying Guide – Factors Need To Be Considered Before Buying Watch

Watch Buying Guide

1. Materials

While buying a watch you need to consider the various type of materials. The case of most watches is made up of metal.

It is designed to protect the inner parts of the watch. Factors like style and durability also affect your choice. If you are a swimmer or your work involves a lot of contact with water, choosing a water-resistant watch would be a great idea.

The most popular metal used for the case is stainless steel. Other than steel, titanium is also a very popular choice. There are gold watches available for men and women.

Apart from these, platinum watches look stunning and do not change color over time. Platinum is also hypoallergenic so you can wear it without any worries.

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2. Bracelet or Strap

The band of the watch is another thing to consider. The band is available in two forms: the bracelet and the strap.

By interlocking metal links the bracelet of a watch is formed. The size of the bracelet can be changed by adding or removing the metal links.

Bands on the other hand are available in leather, plastic, fabric, etc. One can customize the whole look of the watch using the band.

For outdoor activities or sports watches with a durable rubber or nylon strap are mostly preferred. Certain brands also sell complementary watch bands which can be changed to match your outfits.

Watchbands are available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

3. The Crystal

The covering of the watch is usually made of glass, plastic, or synthetic sapphire. It is placed on the watch to protect the interiors.

In sports watches, The crystal of the watch is mostly made up of acrylic. It is light and inexpensive since it does not crack or shatter.

But the watch is prone to scratches which can ruin the look of the watch. Another type of crystal is mineral glass. It is chemically treated to withstand scratches but it cracks under extreme conditions.

You will find a sapphire crystal in almost all high-end watches. This crystal is not actually made from real sapphire. Rather it is a synthetic compound that has similar properties to that of the actual sapphire.

4. Movement

There are three types of watches mainly mechanical, quartz, and automatic. Mechanical watches need to be turned on with the help of hand winding.

If you forget to start your watch, you will end up using your phone. In the quartz watches, a tiny silver piece of quartz vibrates at the frequency when electricity is passed through it.

This electricity comes with the help of a battery which needs to be replaced every year. There are automatic or self-winding watches that run on the energy produced by your moving hand. These watches need to be reset once a month.

5. Size of the Case

The size of the case is an important thing to consider. Normally the case diameter for women is 34mm or smaller and for men, it is 40mm or larger.

But you don’t have to stick to the usual style. Multiple brands have released watches with is diameters ranging from 48 to 55 mm.

Both men and women have started to enjoy these statement pieces by pairing them with their favorite outfits. You should buy a watch that will make your personality shine through. If something does not feel like you, you don’t have to wear it.

6. Occasion

You can choose the style of the watch based on the events that you go to. Formal events require minimalistic watches with a leather strap. Brands like Michele allow you to choose both the band and the case separately.

A stainless steel watch is perfect to blend with everyday outfits. Watches with leather straps look elegant and beautiful when paired with an informal outfit. Choose the watch that resonates with you. It does not have to meet everyone’s choice, it should define you.


  • What is the difference between an automatic watch and a quartz watch?

Automatic watches are usually powered by your wrist movement. A quartz watch is powered by a battery that drives the motor.

  • Where can one buy luxury watches online?

The best places to buy luxury watches are on Amazon,eBay, or MR Porter. These are the places where you can find vintage and pre-owned watches with a guarantee of authenticity.

  • How much do Rolex watches cost? 

Rolex watches range from $6000 to $80,000. You can get vintage Rolex at auction events for $700,000.

  • What are some of the best luxury brands?

Some of the best high-end brands include Patek Philippe, Omega, and Rolex. There are less popular brands too like Oris, Tudor, and Zenit.

Before Wrapping Watches Buying Guide

Once you are aware of what should be present in a high-end watch, choosing a piece that suits your style will be easy. An accessory like a watch is a very personal piece and needs to be chosen wisely. Follow this watches buying guide when you are planning to buy something for yourself or for someone special.


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