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Office Chair Buying Guide

Working for long hours can be extra stressful when you feel uncomfortable. Back strain is a very common problem for many people. Sitting on the chair for long hours can cause serious problems to your neck and back.

This is where the help of a good office chair is needed. A supportive chair will reduce discomfort and body fatigue. The more comfortable you are, the more productive you can get. Building a positive work environment will give better output at the end of the day.

Long hours are spent in the office, where people are said to work over 40 hours a week. This requires a good chair that will provide you with some relaxation rather than adding to the stress. You must be wondering how one can find the right chair. We have got you covered.

Here we have an Office Chair Buying Guide made just for you. All your doubts will be cleared up. Let us start with the types of chairs.

Office Chair Buying Guide – Factors Need To Be Considered Before Buying Office Chair

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1. Fix a budget

Decide on the amount you are planning to spend. There is a wide range of chairs available that offer multiple benefits. Chairs can cost you from some thousand dollars or you can even buy chairs worth two or three grand. Unless you are extremely tight on budget, do not go for a bargain-based chair.

You should be spending around $200 for a decent model of an office chair. With this amount, you can find a model which is durable and perfect in the long run. Another alternative is to buy a second-hand chair. This way you can get the high-end models at reasonable prices. If you have a trusted retailer, a second-hand chair will benefit you in many ways.

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2. Decide on a type of chair

There are multiple types of chairs as well. Some options are high back office chairs, medium back leather chairs, high back mesh chairs, low back mesh chairs, visitor chairs, and executive chairs.

Consider the office space too. If you have very little space around the desk, go for a compact task chair. Chairs without an armrest or a headrest are available. If you like the breathability feature, mesh chairs are your best option. You need to keep in mind these options while choosing a chair for your office. Fabric office chairs are available in multiple colors and are resistant to dirt and stains.

Leather office chairs make a great statement piece but also require a lot of special care. For a less expensive model of leather, opt for synthetic leather office chairs. The finishing on this is good enough to withstand some wear and tear.

3. Consider ergonomic models

There are ergonomic chairs available for people who are looking for specific adjustments. Ergonomic chairs offer multiple adjustments for each part and are more expensive than the other models. Some adjustments like the height of the seat and the tilt of the backrest can be done based on the individual’s preference.

You can also change the position of the seat by sliding it forwards or backward. The positioning of the armrest and the headrest can be changed too. You can change every part of the chair according to your personal needs and the shape of the body.

Nowadays, there are smart innovations added to the chair which have self-adjusting features and clever design touches.

4. Check for lumbar support

Low-budget chairs will not have any kind of lumbar support. It is important to consider a chair with adjustable lumbar support. It can be added in some chairs too, which will cost you around $30 or more. Positioning the back in the correct way is very important. You should be able to change the backrest for more comfort.

5. Padding and fabric

Based on the construction and upholstery, there are a variety of office chairs available. In mesh back chairs, your back will get some ventilation and feel very breathable. For a luxurious and sleek look, leather or faux leather chair is perfect. Some chairs feel firm while others have extra cushioning.

Remember to consider the comfort of the chair over the style. Soft chairs might lead to slouching. This leads to bad posture and body aches.

There must be enough padding on the chair so you don’t end up feeling the base of the chair. Make sure the fabric has been nicely stitched and the seams are located in areas that won’t irritate your skin.

6. Try out a chair before buying

Apart from the parts of the chair, you should also try out a chair before choosing it. Sit and understand how the chair will make you feel. Take some time and try out a few chairs to understand what suits you best. If you are planning to buy it online, make sure there is a money-back guarantee on it so you can return the chair if needed, without any worries.

Office Chair Buying Guide – FAQs

  • Based on what criteria should I choose an office chair?

Some key points to consider while buying an office chair are Ergonomics, mobility, adjustability, style, upholstery, etc.

  • Should I get an office chair with or without arms?

From the standpoint of ergonomics, armrests are great for your posture. The armrest allows you to stay in a relaxed posture so you won’t feel any tightness near the shoulders.

  • What kind of wheels should I consider in an office chair?

Wheels on a chair help with mobility. If your work involves moving around the space a little bit, wheels help a lot. It ensures good balance and provides a foundation for the chair.

If your floor has a hard surface, choose a chair with soft rubber wheels. If the floor surface has a carpet, choosing a chair with hard wheels is better.

  • How do I decide on the height of the chair?

The height of the chair depends on the person using it. Some chairs come with an adjustable backrest. You can also get a chair with the Pneumatic adjustment lever. This helps you to change the height of the seat as and when required.

Before Wrapping Office Chair Buying Guide Few Words –

This Office Chair Buying Guide is perfect if you are planning to get yourself a good office chair. You will be surprised to see the change in your body and mind.


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