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Best Website Builder for Podcasts in USA 2022

Have you set up a podcast network and now set up a website for your podcast? But how can you get the best website builder for podcasts? Podcasts have gained high popularity in the past few years, creators are extensively exploring various new platforms for offering content to the users.

In 2011, nearly 30 million Americans used to listen to podcasts, but now the number has reached 116 million, an increase of 286% in just 10 years. Many creators just create podcast networks but it is always best to have a professional website for podcasts. Websites provide the best form for the creators to submit their podcasts to the major podcast networks like Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, etc.

With an extensive growth in podcasts and their listeners, there has been growth in website builders, so it is not easy to figure out which is the best website builder for podcasts. To help you reach the best in the industry and we have listed our top 3 picks of a website builder for the podcast.

How to Choose the Best Website Builder for Podcasts?

Many creators recommend building websites along with a podcast to get more exposure to the various services offered for the promotion of the content. But you need to be careful while choosing the best website builder for podcasts.

So while choosing any of the website builders mentioned above or other, you need to consider some of the features such as-

Easy of usage

The platform that you choose for building a website for podcasts should be easy to figure out things, rather than spending more time researching the parameters to set up. The best website builder for podcasts should offer a drag and drop feature for easy setup.

SEO Optimization Tools

With an increase in the number of listeners of podcasts, there is an increase in competition for the creators as well. So the best website builder for podcasts should have an SEO optimizer for your podcasts for better rankings on search engines and make them available to the listeners.

User Interface

The website should be clean and have a modern look with professional templates for creating an attractive design. This will allow the users to use most of the website and navigate through the website and spend more time which also helps in SEO.

Auto File Imports

The website builder should allow you to import the podcast feed automatically, this gives you the ease of streamlining the workflow and make things easier for you. So you do not have to upload your podcast episodes on each platform individually, whenever you publish a podcast it is available on your website in a few minutes.

Subscribe and Social Sharing

Any podcast website builder should have easy sharing buttons, this is a great choice for the creator as well as the users to share the episodes on various social media accounts as they are released. Also, a subscribe button will help you gain more users fast and the users will also be notified as soon as the episodes are released.

3 Best Website Builder for Podcasts – Review

1. Squarespace


Image Credit – Squarespace.com

Squarespace is the first best website builder for podcasts on our list. It offers you a number of professional tools for creating a high-quality podcast platform and website as well.

There are ready-to-use templates for various podcast niches to choose from. Get started with installing the best of the many industry-leading designed podcast templates with fonts and color pallets for branding styles and needs.

Features :

  • A simple website builder that offers endless designing options.
  • Marketing and SEO tools for sharing on social media and built-in email marketing.
  • Online Store set up to sell products and services with secured payment gateways. 

It offers a 14-day free trial and has reasonable pricing plans for personal to commercial uses.

   Visit Now



Image Credit – podcastpage.io

Podcastpage.io makes second place in our list of the best website builders for the podcasts. Even if ranks second it has a variety of features to offer in terms of podcast setup and website building.

It is equipped with all the tools you need to design a professional website with an easy-to-use visual editor that enables you to drag and drop elements such as images, texts, audio and test those on a real-time basis for appearance.


  • Podcast automation allows you to import the existing and future podcasts files with just a single click.
  • Has a ton of professionally designed podcast templates.
  • Allows to create a blog and add a number of custom pages.

It is the most affordable and easy-to-use website builder for podcasts with plans from personal to enterprise.

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3. Wix


Image Credit – wix.com

Wix is the most customizable podcast website builder as it does not allow direct podcast hosting but it has a separate website designer and podcast app – Wix Podcast Player for running podcasts. It offers professional streaming for your listeners, but they should have an external host to handle the podcasts.


  • Specialized host controls such as analytics, easy monetization, etc.
  • Auto page creation feature creates a new page automatically for each new episode.
  • Wix Forums helps you build your podcast community of listeners and publishers.

It gives powerful features including podcast-friendly website templates and SEO optimized features for marketing and better ranking in search engines.

   Visit Now.


  • Why do I need a website with podcasting?

A website along with a podcast helps to promote the podcast and increase online presence to gain more listeners organically.

It also helps the podcaster to distribute his podcasts across various other podcasting networks like Spotify, Apple Podcast, etc. These podcast networks can easily check your website and understand the purpose of the podcasts.

  • What is the best podcast hosting site?

Podcast websites are designed with the purpose of keeping subscriber experience in mind, they have attractively designed templates and easy-to-access features such as listening to live streams, adding subscriptions, saving for hearing later, and sharing with others.

  • What are the pages needed on the podcast website?

For a beginner, the basic pages are the “Homepage”, “About and Show” page, “Contact Info” pages. Later you can add pages as per the category of your podcasts and share information and links on them.


So through the above-mentioned best website builder for podcasts, if you need a more convenient builder to opt for Squarespace, where you can host your podcast episodes and build a website in the same place.

If you need more control and a customizable platform then you can opt for Wix builder and podcast host, this gives you more things in your hand for customizing.

If you are an adequate podcast publisher then Podcastpage.io is an ideal choice for such publishers as it has modest features that let you have a hands-off approach over a simple website and automatically updates every time a new podcast is released.


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