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Best Apps For Driving in USA 2022

As technology is evolving efficiently, we as humans are getting more and more benefits from it. Unlike the previous days when our grandfathers and their fathers used to drive vehicles with printed maps and having markings in those maps for stops such as gas stations, places for staying, roads to avoid safety and traffics.

All these things are made easy now with just a click and all the data is presented on a screen for navigation, weather updates, gas stations updates, hotels for accommodations, etc. We have mentioned a list of best apps for driving in the United States with a short description of the apps.

10 Best Apps For Driving in the USA

1. Google MapsGoogle Maps

Image Source – Google Play Store

It’s probably one of the best apps for driving with exciting other features and keeps on getting better. Google maps are fully equipped for navigating easily through the streets from finding places for eating dinner.

These are hooked with Google street views to give a true look of the places before you show up there. Google Maps show up the street more efficiently than before with the integration of Waze, (bought by Google) with live street status for traffics or roadblocks.

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Image Source – Google Play Store

As the name explains, unlike google which is the best for navigation Roadtrippers is indispensable for long unplanned road trips. It has reviews for hotels, camp-grounds, eats places to stop, and also shows you advanced route planning while you are on your journey.

This is perfect for those who enjoy unplanned trips and do not have restrictions on sticking to a schedule. Roadtrippers also has a feature to show an estimate of your gas consumption on the trip to be on a budget.

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3. Waze


Image Source – Google Play Store

Waze is not recommended for regular navigation usage due to a lot of bugs and distractions in route while driving. But still, Waze makes the third position in our best apps for driving as it is the most helpful app while driving in dense traffic.

Waze complies with traffic reporting from fellow drivers and en routes you through other strange paths but it will surely not lead you into the traffic.

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4. Aceable


Image Source – Google Play Store

Aceable is more of a driver training app for those who want to practice safe and better driving. It is an online traffic school app that will train you in various areas of driving. If you are someone who is looking for a course in defensive driving or need driver’s education, Aceable is the best app for such drivers for driving safely.

Aceable also helps you in getting an insurance discount.

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Image Source – RepairPal.com

When on an unfamiliar road if your vehicle lets you down suddenly with an unknown problem, locating a local mechanic is tough and you also visit a new mechanic to resolve the problem of your vehicle but you don’t know the cost before your pocket gets ripped off.

RepairPal helps you locate a mechanic and also gives you average estimated costs of repair needed in your specific vehicle, so you get a reasonable service deal. It also helps to find a highly rated mechanic in your area.

6. Automatic


Image Source – Automatic

Probably the best app for driving which helps easily diagnose the problems in your vehicle. Automatic is a dongle type of device which plugs into your vehicle’s diagnostic port and sends all the stats such as gas, mileage, engine performance, vehicle health, etc. to your smartphone via its GPS and Bluetooth technology.

Automatic dongle costs $100 but it pays its price with its features and also alerts the authorities if in case of a bad accident of your vehicle.

7. GasBuddy


Image Source – Google Play Store

GasBuddy has come as the most reliable gas-station locating app with a giant database of stations in the USA.

Though most of the drivers are aware of the nearby gas stations GasBuddy still takes place in the best apps for driving for having almost all the gas stations in its database and has a huge user base that provides regular corrections and updates.

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8. DashDroid


Image Source – Google Play Store

Android users can use DashDroid as a wireless operator while driving. It provides you with a dashboard replacement for more convenience to access the apps you use the most during driving.

DashDroid can be your next favorite app as your driving buddy, it has eight control buttons that you can use for playing music, checking the weather, calling, or texting.

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9. PlugShare


Image Source – Google Play Store

An important app for Electric car drivers, Plugshare has an interactive map of over 40,000 charging stations across the United States. So with Plugshare in your pocket, you can never run out of charge while on your journey and pay for an expensive tow.

Plugshare also shares the data on whether the charging station you are heading towards has space for your vehicle or not, so you would never have to wait at the station for your turn.

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10. SpotHero


Image Source – Google Play Store

How many times have you arrived at your destination early and spent more time than your travel, searching for parking? No one likes to go round and round for searching for a parking spot. SpotHero plays as an Airbnb for vehicle drivers, it shows up the nearby available parking spot and allows you to pay and reserve it before you arrive at the spot.

SpotHero is currently available in 12 major cities in the United States.

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  • Which is the best driving app?

Above mentioned apps are best serving their purpose for the drivers in the USA. For the best driving app it depends on individuals what are a type of driver they are and the requirement of the app, for example, Google Maps is the best app for live navigations, PlugShare is essential for the electric vehicles to reach charging stations efficiently.

  • Which app is best in case of a broken vehicle?

The RapairPal app helps you locate a local mechanic nearby if you have a broken car and are away from your regular mechanic. It also gives you an estimate about the cost of service so stand your ground at a new mechanic’s garage.

  • Which app can help to avoid traffics in the cities?

The Waze app has an updated database for small and alternate routes to reach your destination by saving you from getting stuck in the traffic.

Before Wrapping Best Apps for Driving

So with the list above of the best and most essential apps for driving in the USA, are you ready to try out the apps in your next road journey. Most of the apps are commonly used by most vehicle drivers but some of the apps are new and will help you fulfill your purpose of driving safely and responsibly.


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