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Best Barcode Scanner with Printer in USA 2022

A Barcode scanner with printer is typically more efficient than having an inkjet printer, which is designed as an all-purpose device to fulfill all the requirements. But these types of label printers and scanners enable you to perform both the requirements through a single device dedicatedly.

So we have listed our top 3 picks of barcode scanner with printer ideal for your retail business, home, and office use.

3 Best Barcode Scanner with Printer – Review

1. Ciglow Android Terminal Receipt Printer

Ciglow Android Terminal Receipt Printer

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Functions on Android 6.0 and quad-core CPU, equipped with a 5.5-inch display. This is an ideal receipt printer for restaurants, gas stations, street vendors, which immediately prints bills and small receipts. It supports apps that can be accessed with a wide display.

One of the best-rated barcode scanners with a receipt printer enables to scan of the barcode and QR code using the rear camera, like a smartphone. It supports 4G, wi-fi, and Bluetooth, it has the capacity to access 10 apps at the same time, prints faster with the built-in 58mm thermal printer.

The powerful 5200mAh battery which operates for 48 hours on a single charge and is compatible with 98% of Android applications, the Ciglow Android supports OTG for mobile adapters and USB drives for multiple functions.


  • Display all apps
  • No ink required
  • Compatible with smartphones


  • Price high

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2. Phomemo-M110 – Portable Printer

Phomemo-M110 – Portable Printer

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This is a small and powerful printer from Phomem, it serves multi-purpose label machines that can be used in many sectors such as clothing, food, telecommunication, schools, home, retail shops, jewelry, etc. It prints a label of the width of 20mm – 50mm.

The Phomem M110 performs fast printing with a thermal output that does not require any ribbon or ink for refilling, it has an adjustable paper holder and auto label identification designed to avoid any paper jams and deviations for seamless printing.

Phomem has a Bluetooth connectivity feature to pair the printer with a smartphone and various apps and allows you to choose between a number of templates as per your needs. You can also customize templates for printing in different sizes.

The compact size printer can also be used to scan barcodes and QR codes using mobile apps has a 1500mAh rechargeable battery.


  • Fast Printing
  • Wide Label variety


  • Paper refills are pricey

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3. Label Maker – Barcode scanner and Printer

Label Maker – Barcode scanner and Printer

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This is an upgraded version Label maker from Phomem, enabled with Bluetooth supports pre-cut and non-pre-cut labels even on transparent paper. It offers you to manually select the label size or print on gifts packs, tags for kitchen/offices, Christmas presents, and more.

The Phomem label maker 2, even operated on voice recognition and image recognition to perform efficiently. The Bluetooth allows to connect with the Print Master app and can have a variety of label sizes and customization options with 9 font sizes, 128 templates, 354 symbols.

A best barcode scanner and printer allows to scan codes via smartphones and has a rechargeable battery that performs up to 12 hours in 1.5 hrs charge. The external micro USB functions on fast data transmission and connects within a distance of 33 feet that.


  • Fast and clear printing
  • Connects easily with the phone
  • Customizing options


  • Some users found the label size to be small

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How to Choose the best barcode scanner with printer?

Barcode Scanner with Printer – Buying Guide

When you lookout for a barcode scanner and printer there are a few things to consider before you land on deciding on the product, this small buying guide will help you –

Printing Speed

One of the important points to check when you are searching for the best barcode scanner with a label printer is to avoid any lagging with your customers. Some of the printers describe the speed as mm per second, i.e. the number of letters it churns out like. You may see written as 150mm/s, so the higher the number faster the printing speed.

While other printers show the number of labels that can be printed per second or minute, label speed around 0.5 to 2 labels is ideal depending upon the data to be printed.

Paper Size

The size of the paper depends on the output design of the printer and the requirements of the retailers. Some of the companies in particular industries have standardized the label sizes, which makes it easy for the manufacturers to produce a dedicated printer for the same.

For the other retailers, there are various sizes of labels, the ones we have mentioned above are ideal for restaurants, homes, small retail shops, shopping markets, and office uses.

Scanning Capacity

A printer with a barcode scanner should at least have a dedicated camera for scanning barcodes and QR codes to have successful cashless transactions. Also, these are helpful in generating bills by simply scanning the codes on the boxes and stickers.

Some of the label printers have connectivity for connecting the printers to the smartphone and using the phone camera for scanning and giving receipt prints from the printer.

Printing Technology

Most of the label printers nowadays use True Thermal technology for generating black substrate using the heat from the top white layer behind. This technology requires specific paper for withstanding the heat released and holding the printing, there is no ink or cartridges involved which can be more expensive than the paper.

There are also ZINK (Zero Ink) printers that use the same technology but include color in the paper, another option for color prints can be inkjet.


  • Do these printers need ink refills?

No, these are thermal printers, there is no requirement of ink, ribbon, or cartridges. The only thing is it only works with its specific paper for printing.

  • Will these label printers last for a longer time?

These printers use heat technology to produce black thermal printing, so some printers do have robust cooling techniques for releasing the heat and saving the small components from getting damaged. When the prints start getting inconsistent and uneven these are signs the printing has reached its limit.


We tested and compared nearly a dozen of barcode scanners with label printers by considering the important aspects from small retail businesses that would find this printer to be ideal. From price, label size flexibility, ease of usage, barcode scanning options which we also found to be useful with restaurants and retailers.

The Ciglow is an all-around performer in terms of bill printing and barcode syncing with a dedicated display to access apps and create receipts accordingly, identical to a mobile phone.


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